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Post by Super_Hussain on Thu Jan 26, 2012 8:54 pm

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I am Super_Hussain, your Uber Gym Leader! I am not the best Uber battler, but I am good. I have many tricks up my sleeve and I will use them against you. Since nothing is banned from Ubers, I will have more rules than other gyms, so pay close attention to the rules of this gym!

5th Gen Uber Gym Pokemon+epic+battle

5th Gen Uber Gym Crest-line

Leader: Super_Hussain
Gym Specialty: Ubers
Badge: Uber Badge

5th Gen Uber Gym Crest-line

Rules for the Challengers:
  • A challenger may only challenge my gym by replying to this thread saying you want to challenge.
  • A losing challenger may only rematch atleast 48 Hours (2 Days) after a lost match.
  • Before Challenging my gym, you must make it official and sure I am aware of said gym match.
  • You must respect me at all times. This means before, during, and after match (Be a good sport).
  • Clauses: Sleep Clause, OHKO Clause, Disallow Specs, Species Clause, Self-KO Clause, No Timeout.
  • Challengers may not use weather inducing abilities, they may however use weather inducing moves.
  • Riolu and Aron are banned for this gym.
  • No OHKO moves.

Challenge Format:
[b]PO Username:[/b]

Try to contact me before our battle so that we can arrange a time. Skype: SUPER_HUSSAIN.

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